Just behind a TV-set

This site lives in a pit.

Of course, if it had been up to me, I would have put my server and network equipment in the middle of living room, but, you know, wives' sense of aesthetic is not debatable most of the time...

Behind the TV-set


The "server" is an old HP Compaq N7200 (BIOS date: 28 Jul 2006! Rather buggy, if you ask me) that my dad was throwing away a decade ago or so; it's still pretty functional and surprisingly quiet.

  • Intel(R) Celeron(R) M @1.73GHz (32-bit, of course!);
  • 1GB RAM;
  • 60GB HD;
  • 2 Ethernet ports (a Broadcom BCM4401 and an USB AX88xxx).

External peripherals:

  • 2 USB drives
    • 500GB TrekStor DS pocket pace 3 (most of my multimedia contents are stored there);
    • a very old 40GB Vosonic X's-Drive II VP2160 (used for system backup);
  • D-Link DSL-2640R modem/router (used as ADLS modem);
  • Sitecom 300N X3 modem/router (used as switch and wifi hotspot, waiting for a more reliable 802.11n support in OpenBSD).


The N7200 runs OpenBSD as operating system; it's secure, reliable, wonderfully documented and its base has almost all I need. Do yourself a favor and use it (I do on my laptop too)! And please consider that it's a volunteer-driven project funded by donations.

This is a (incomplete) list of running applications:

Site's name

For those of you wondering what the hell the name means:

22 is simply my favourite number; I was born on Sep 22, I got my university degree on Feb 22 and a few other coincidences...

Atlantide (Atlantis in English) is a fictional place, but there is still debate on what inspired the myth. In a sense, Atlantide could have been a place; maybe a better world.

Thus, 22 Atlantide Avenue is just that: a possible place, with a wonderful number.


Code for this site is statically generated by Pelican.

Theme is based on tuxlite_tbs, with a bunch of customizations to templates and css files.

Special thanks to FreeDNS for subdomain hosting.